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How to choose a more practical pulse bag filter


When choosing the type of pulse bag filter, the above 10 parameters should be fully taken into account. Only when they are reasonably matched can the performance of the filter be fully developed. Ensure that the equipment runs more stably and reliably. In need of dust removal to be thoroughly eradicated at the same time can also recover a certain number of high-calorie coal dust, increase economic efficiency, more importantly, to create a good working environment for workers, ensure the health of workers, improve social reputation.
The outlet dust concentration mainly refers to the discharge concentration of the dust collector. It is expressed in the same way as the inlet dust concentration. The outlet dust concentration is determined by the local environmental protection requirements or user requirements. The discharge concentration of the bag filter can generally reach below 50g/Nm3.
The filter bag length of pulse bag filter determines the process requirements, ash removal capacity and design parameters. The bag length of small and medium-sized bag filter is 2-3 M. Later, some people called the bag length 4-6 m as the long cloth bag filter. Up to now, 7-9m long filter bags are not uncommon. In accordance with the length of the filter bag, the dust removal skeleton is changed from one section to two or even three sections in order to facilitate the installation and maintenance of the filter bag.
No matter how long the filter bags are, the installation requirements are very strict. Otherwise, it will lead to ineffective ash cleaning, dust accumulation between filter bags and bridging, reduction of filter area and high operation resistance. To solve the problem of irregular arrangement of filter bags, first of all, the flooring should be flat, and the flooring irregularity is less than 1 mm in the area of 1 m2. At the same time, the mouth of the bag cage should be flat; secondly, the lower part of the filter bag can take appropriate protective measures to ensure the verticality of the filter bag.
The three factors of injection are injection pressure, injection period and injection time. When the diameter of electromagnetic pulse valve, the structure of Venturi tube, the diameter and number of injecting holes, the diameter and length of filter bag have been determined, the three factors of injecting are the main factors affecting the efficiency of dust collector. In the design, selection and actual operation, the key to ensure the normal operation of the dust collector is to deal with the relationship between the three.

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